Top kitchen cleaning tips for beginners


For instance, let’s take a look at some simple homemade detergents and cleaning solutions, which can help you in a wide array of cases:

For cleaning upholstered objects like chairs, sofa, cushions and more – you will need just a couple of clean towels and a medium size bowl as tools. The right detergent solution depends on the specific upholstery surface. However – there is a mixture, which works best on almost every type of upholstery. Learn how to clean your kitchen efficiently with our helpful tips at the website

It comes to baking soda, powder laundry detergent and shampoo. Combine them in the bowl with enough hot water to form a paste. Apply the solution onto the heavily soiled stains and let it sit for a few minutes, then, rub the stain from the outer side to the center and repeat the treatment if needed. 

For cleaning carpets and rugs, you can use the same technique and a homemade detergent. Yet a great tip here is to add a little bit more hot water in order to make the solution more watery and so to enhance its penetration qualities. 

The base of the fibers are where the most dirt and stains accumulates, and for spot cleaning carpets with long fibers you may need a grooming brush to dislodge even the hardest dry stains. This trick is good for removal even dry kitchen grease, stains of gravy, butter, tomato sauce, etc.

For cleaning glass surfaces like mirrors, windows, kitchen tables and countertops – make yourself another homemade detergent, which is even simpler. It comes to just cold water and white vinegar. According to how much you`re mixing, you can get a powerful solution for some of the dirtiest objects in the kitchen like dry drops on the top of cups, kitchen cabinets, shelves and more. 

If you add rubbing alcohol to this yet powerful homemade detergent, you can get a perfect cheap solution for cleaning tiles and even grout lines! On this website, , you may get some important advice for maintaining a clean and healthy kitchen environment.

Or else, let`s take a look at the easy methods and tricks for stain removal during the domestic cleaning. Every detergent solution can help you to deal with the spot, but it makes the situation a little bit more complicated. It all depends on the right application and choice of the detergent. That`s why you probably need a couple special tools like a grooming brush for cleaning dark grout lines and tiles in the kitchen or in the bathroom. An old toothbrush is the perfect choice if you don`t have a grooming brush on hand. Another great tip is to heat the stain before trying to remove it. 

Apply only hot near boiling water onto the stain, which is especially useful for a pretreatment of greasy stains, indeed – the heat itself is the best degreaser. It is enough just to heat the greasy spot for about a minute by placing a porcelain cup with hot water right onto the spot, but make sure that the surface is resistant to heat. Another easy trick is the opposite one – to harden the stain, which in some cases like removal of gum traces and stains, is a great solution. 

It is enough to put ice cubes in a bag right onto the gum and the area around the spot for five minutes or so. The ice cubes will harden the gum and therefore will make it easier to remove via spatula, brush or even by hand. After that, clean the stained area with the common homemade detergent for textile surfaces and upholsteries. Visit to learn how to maintain a clean and tidy kitchen.