The Most Famous Video Game Companies in the World

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The video game industry is in its full expansion, its popularity is increasing thanks to the events developed in e-sports, reaching profits that exceed 200 million dollars.

And these figures are increasing for this reason, which are the companies that dominate this important market will be mentioned. Go to this website in order to acquire additional information about entertainment.

Tencent Holdings

This is the leading industry in video games, especially those that are online and F2P, in recent years they have had revenues of more than 20 billion dollars. It also owns several companies dedicated to this field of technology. As they are: Miniclip and RiotGames.

On the other hand, it has a significant percentage in other companies such as Supercell, famous for the game Clash Royale, where it covers 85%, it has 12% of Blizzard, and 5% of Ubisoft, well known for the famous Assassins Creed.


You cannot talk about the video game industry without mentioning the well-known Sony brand, with a net income of more than 11 billion dollars, and in turn owner of some developers, Naughty Dog recognized by Uncharted, Sucker Punch Products developer of Sly and Polyphony Digital well known for Gran Turismo.

On the other hand, you receive additional earnings through the PSN services that come with the PS4 and PSVita consoles.


Although it is not a well-known company for developing games, it is in third place for its earnings with more than 8 billion dollars.

This is due to the rise of mobile applications and by not developing games, it actually makes a profit by distributing it thanks to the App Store. If you are interested in learning more about famous video game companies, you can visit this website for further details.


If Appel is founded, Microsoft cannot be left behind, being one of the first in charge of game development, in this particular area they obtain profits that exceed 7 billion dollars.

And this is because he is the owner of important consoles like Xbox and Xbox live, however his strength is in Microsoft Studios, developer of countless games over the years like Halom Quantum Break, the already classic of computer games like it is Age of Empire, Blue Dragon, Crackdown, Mine craft, Lost Odyssey, Gears of Wars among others.

Activision Blizzard

You cannot talk about a video game without mentioning Blizzard, it generates profits of 7 million dollars, having to its credit an extensive list of successes, highlighting: Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Candy Crush, and Overwatch among others.

In addition to its games, there is the purchase mode where half of your earnings are due in part to these micropayments to obtain additional content.

It should be noted that these companies’ profits are not only due to the video games themselves but also to businesses that they themselves carry out in terms of investment, therefore they must be seen as consortiums or corporations that diversify into various processes to unify their large sums of money having video games as one of their sources of income. To know more about them visit the site right now!