Options Strategies To Trade Options


There are a number of option strategies to trade options by which traders can benefit. Let’s look some of the top strategies.

Married Put

In this strategy, traders who either purchase a specific asset or currently owns it also purchases a put option for the same number of shares simultaneously. Investors who are positive on the asset’s price and wish to prevent any short-term losses utilise this method.

Bull call spread

In this strategy an investor buys call options at a particular strike price. Then simultaneously he or she sells the same number of calls at a higher strike price. The investors with a bullish opinion use this strategy. You should be expecting that price of an underlying asset will rise. If you want to know more about finance and marketing, visit this website https://jornews.net/ for further details.

Bear Put Strategy

It is another form of vertical spread just like the bull call spread. The investor purchases put options at a given strike rate and sell the same number of puts at a lower strike rate. Both done simultaneously and for the same underlying asset and should have the same expiration date. Investors who are bearish use this method. They are expecting the prices to drop. Limited gains as well as losses are related to these strategy options.

Long straddle

When an investor buys a call as well as a put option at the same strike price, the same underlying asset and of the same expiration date, all done simultaneously, the options strategy is dubbed as Long Straddle. Investors who anticipate significant price changes in the underlying asset but are unsure of the direction the change will take use this strategy. Using this approach, investors can earn limitless profits. However, the loss is only as much as the cost of the two option contracts.

Butterfly spread

For this options strategy you need to combine the bull spread strategy and the bear strategy. You will have to use three different strike prices. Investors will purchase one call (put) option at the lowest (highest price) and sell two call (put) options at a higher (lower) strike price. And after that one last call (put) option at a higher (lower) strike price. Click here https://web-bulletin.com/ to read in depth articles about trading strategies.

Iron Condor

Traders will hold a short as well as long position in two different strangle strategies simultaneously. It is quite a complex one. You will have to learn it before using it. It requires lots of practice before you master it.

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