Indian Foods: Lesser Known Facts


India is known for its rich culture and spicy cuisines. There are so many myths related to Indian foods. Indian cuisine is unique in its own way due to its diversified tastes. India has 29 states and every state has its own unique food culture. Indian cuisine is a blend of all these food cultures which makes it vast to explore and the list of dishes is really endless. Indian food culture differs according to a state, and even according to the particular community within that same state. It has evolved in hundreds of centuries which involves the influences of many factors and cultures internally as well as externally. Indian food is known to be spicy, fattening, curry, and rich. All these are partly true as well but there are a few lesser-known facts too that you should know regarded to Indian food. Our website provides you with complete information regarding Indian famous foods and their recipes. Do not forget to check that out!

  1. Use of Spices:

Indian food is known as hot and spicy food but only a few people know that Indian spices are very nutritious and aids to positive health impacts if used in the right proportions. Indian food is a mixture of various food cultures spread in the country. Not all states use hot spices, there are states like Gujarat where you will find sweet taste in almost all their dishes. Then there are South Indian states where you will find spices used in almost every dish and it is a bit hot and spicy in taste. North Indian states use the right blend of both sweet and spicy flavors.

  1. Indian food is a Healthy Food:

Indian Food is good for health. The age-old recipes of its traditional dishes include the right amount of ingredients that impact the health in a positive manner. All spices and food items used in these recipes are full of nutrients and contain health-aiding properties. Almost all spices used in Indian cuisines contain medicinal properties. Though there are many recipes that can be increased with respect to oil or fat content there is a variety of delicious dishes that does not require any kind of oil at all so are healthy. Some curry foods are a little heavy to digest but Indian food is what you make it. You can always lessen the number of heavy ingredients as per your choice and the dish will become healthier without making much impact on the taste of the dish. You can visit this website for detailed information regarding nutritional food and drinks as well.

  1. Easy to cook:

Unlike western cooking, Indian food is really easy to cook. Most of the dishes need direct heating and baking of food is not required. Basic food recipes are really easy to follow. Some recipes do require time and any kind of effort to develop the taste into the ingredients but not all.

  1. Indian Food is not Curry:

There is no such a thing as “curry” in Indian Cuisine. For new dinners, curry seems the only ingredient in Indian food, but this is definitely not the truth. Curry basically is the collection of some special kinds of spices which are called garam masala in India. Do you know! the basic ingredients of garam masala are almost similar but the result of the final recipe always varies in each household.

  1. Diversified Food

Indian food is diverse which includes different tastes, dishes, and flavors from different regions of the country. In all states and provinces of India, the cooking varies outstandingly. NO doubt, Northern Indian food is the best food all around the world.So, these are some lesser-known facts about the tasty Indian food that your favorite Indian Vegetarian Restaurant Melbourne serves. We hope knowing them would now make your food even tastier than before. Learn more about Indian special dishes on this dedicated website: