Dealing with Ductwork in a Basement Refinishing Project


If you are interested in refinishing your basement, one of your main concerns is likely the ductwork. After all, these ducts are crucial for carrying heated or cooled air throughout your home to keep you comfortable, but they are unsightly in a finished room. Guy Solomon and his team have several different ways of making your ductwork fit in with the rest of your basement’s decor. Discover tips for managing ductwork during your basement remodel by visiting this website .

Option #1 – Paint the Ducts to Match the Ceiling

One of the least expensive ways to make your ductwork and finished basement coexist involves painting the ductwork and the ceiling to match. Although this will not hide your ducts from view, it will allow them to blend into the atmosphere so they are not as noticeable. Although darker colors like black and brown work best for this, you can choose almost any neutral color. Beige or white will make the space appear more “open” to the eye, but requires more maintenance and cleaning over time. Matte finishes work better than glossy, too.

Option #2 – Install a Drop Ceiling

If your ducts are high enough that you still have plenty of headroom, Guy Solomon can install a drop ceiling to cover them. This provides a true finished feel and gives you some soundproofing at the same time. A frame suspended from the joists of the upper floor holds several panels that create an entire ceiling. The good thing about this is that you can easily remove the panels if you need access to the ducts. What’s more, you can purchase acoustic panels that cancel sound, thus providing a sound barrier between your basement and your main floor.

Option #3 – Relocate the Ducts to the Sides of the Space

If your overhead ductwork gives you very little headroom in your basement, then Guy Solomon may recommend relocating the ducts. After all, installing a drop ceiling is only a viable option when there is still plenty of space overhead, and your ducts must have plenty of space to be up to code. It is possible to relocate the ducts to the sides of the room, thus opening up the area in the center. Relocating and then covering the ducts creates a modern “framed” effect that works well with many types of decor. Learn how to deal with ductwork in your basement refinishing project with expert tips and tricks provided at this website . Maximize your space and create a comfortable living area without sacrificing heating and cooling efficiency.

Option #4 – Create an Industrial Feel

Another option involves purchasing ductwork that gives your finished space an industrial feel. There is nothing wrong with visible ducts, as long as those ducts match the flow of the room. For instance, you may choose to paint your ceiling a dark color, hang some chrome beams, and utilize chrome-colored ducts to balance things. This way, rather than your ductwork being an eyesore, it is an interesting focal point that fits the rest of the living space. This works well if you want to convert your basement into a bar, a game room, or a theatre.

As you can see, your ducts do not have to cause a commotion when it comes to renovating or refinishing your basement. Guy Solomon can make suggestions based on your unique living space, and you can choose the option that best fits your wants, your needs, and your budget.

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