5 Places That Require Good Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

One problem frequently encountered in homes and businesses alike is storage. Whether it’s tools, spare parts, products, raw materials, archives or just stuff, everything needs its own place for safekeeping and ease of access. That’s when versatile storage solutions come into their own. 

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Here are five examples of places that require suitable storage solutions.

  1. Straight to the Cool Room

Cool rooms require shelving systems that maximize usable surface area in confined spaces. And because they’re used for storing food, these shelves need to be easy to clean. Quality suppliers can provide high-impact plastic shelving that is lightweight and retains its strength across a broad range of temperatures. This means it is suitable even at very low and high temperatures – down to -40°C and up to 80°C – and will not become brittle even in blast freezers or soft during high-temperature washdowns. Its low weight means the shelving can be assembled, moved or dismantled by anyone.

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  1. In the Warehouse

Does your growing business need a strong and accessible place to store pallet-mounted products? Pallet racks are an ideal solution for vertical storage in warehouses, enabling businesses to maximize floor space and keep down storage costs and prices. Click here to see how pallet racking from a specialist like Elbowroom can be arranged in various configurations to suit the form and function of each warehouse, regardless of size.

  1. Keeping Your Archives Safe

A multitude of regulations requires organizations of all sizes (from one-person businesses to multinational corporations and government departments) to maintain physical records for several years. With this in mind, safe and affordable archive storage has never been more important. Archive racks and shelves can be set up for onsite storage for quick and easy access, or located in a secure warehouse. Smart shelving designs allow for large amounts of information to be stored in small spaces, such as mobile shelves that slide along tracks.

  1. On the Retail Shop Floor

Retail environments need effective product storage systems that will keep items for sale looking clean, tidy, and attractive. Popular with trade-oriented retail businesses are wall-mounted plastic bins, convenient for holding small loose items like screws, bolts and clips. One advantage of this type of storage is the variety of colors that can help businesses to categorize product types for easy identification. The bins are also easy to mount and rearrange on the display wall, making this type of storage highly versatile for retail environments. Looking for ways to optimize your retail shop floor storage space? Look no further than the home picz! Our comprehensive guide offers a range of innovative storage solutions to help you maximize your shop’s space and improve organization.

  1. Close to Home

The garage has traditionally been the depository of an eclectic mix of household items that don’t really belong anywhere else. Tools, suitcases, bikes, old household appliances that haven’t been used for years but might come in handy someday… They all gravitate to the garage. To avoid cluttering up the floor, a variety of shelving options is available, including wall-mounted cantilever shelves, DIY metal or plastic racks, or pigeonholes that will provide a good home for any and all small miscellaneous items.